About Us

PARALEL HYGIENE MACHINE STAINLESS PRODUCTS, which we established in 2008 with great dynamism and excitement; combine their knowledge with industry experience in industrial cleaning and hygiene products and our identity with our expert staff has become Turkey’s leading brand in the field of sales and marketing.

Our company, which has international quality certificates, carries the industry standards with its continuous innovation and development approach.

PARALEL HYGIENE MACHINE STAINLESS STEEL PRODUCTS, which has become a pioneer in quality and mass production with its investments in technology; has become the most preferred brand in the sector with the guarantee of reasonable price, on-time delivery and after service without compromising the principle of maximum quality and efficiency in hygienic equipment and stainless machine production.

He is proud of being a brand preferred by the sector with his fast and high quality productions. With this sense of responsibility, we have always adopted the principle of being a solution partner of our customers.

PARALLEL HYGIENE MACHINE STAINLESS STEEL; We serve in many private and public institutions, food, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. All of our products are tested and released by our quality control team.

The main objective of PARALEL HYGIENE MACHINERY STAINLESS PRODUCTS is absolute customer satisfaction. Our constant principles have always been quality, good service, on-time delivery and reasonable price.

PARALLEL HYGIENE MACHINE STAINLESS STEEL; We will continue to give you the best service in the future as it is today.